“We have the perfect climate for growing mushrooms in the UK and Ireland and we grow more than enough mushrooms to supply the whole retail market. So why are we importing mushrooms from over 1,000 miles away rather than supporting local? Research shows that shoppers are making an effort to reduce food miles, but the origin of their food is not always made clear.More needs to be done to help consumers make positive choices to help the environment and local agriculture.”

Something about us

Mushroom Miles has been born out of the Miles Better initiative, a partnership between local farmers, sellers, and growers, to help consumers better understand the journey their food goes on from field to fork.
We live in a society that places more importance on protecting the environment than ever before. 81% of UK residents say that sustainability plays a key factor in their day to day decisions, while 60% said they actively tried to reduce their meat intake in 2019. These facts coupled with the growing popularity of plant-based diets and campaigns like Veganuary – represent a clear shift in attitudes.
That’s why we are here to educate consumers on the impact shopping closer to home has on our carbon footprint, shine a light on just how great mushrooms are, as well as supporting local suppliers along the way.

Due to our climate in the UK, we’re only able to grow 58% of the vegetables we consume. But when it comes to mushrooms specifically, our cool and damp environment means we can grow them all year round and provide every single mushroom eaten in the UK.

Taking UK and Irish Mushrooms as an example, they only travel a maximum of 400 miles to get to you – whereas those from other mushroom-producing countries like Poland and the Netherlands can travel in excess of 1,100 miles. Local mushrooms can be transported from the farms they’re grown on in under 12 hours, whereas ones from mainland Europe can take up to 364 hours. Not only does this wildly increase the number of food miles, but it also contributes to a less fresh product.

The UK and Irish Mushroom advantages for you

Less miles from field to fork

Versatile recipe ingredient

Wide range of tastes
and styles

Proven to lower cholesterol

One of the most sustainable produce

Contains powerful antioxidants

Maintains healthy immune systems

Enriched with Vitamin D