We’ve teamed up with nutritional expert, Lily Soutter, to help us spread the word on why buying British and Irish produce is not only good for the environment, but our health.

As we start to see a new normal, now more than ever it is becoming important to shop locally, not only to support local farmers but to also ensure we’re getting the freshest, most nutritious mushrooms available to us.

Available 365 days a year, the humble mushroom has been crowned one of the most versatile vegetables by more than a third of Brits, thanks to its meaty texture. On top of this, mushrooms are one of the only foods that vegans can source vitamin D from naturally.

Soutter explains:

“With a short shelf life, mushrooms last a maximum of nine days before they lose their vitamin content, due to their high respiration rate. Shopping the freshest, locally sourced mushrooms that have travelled fewer miles will ensure you consume the most nutritious mushrooms available.

“When purchasing mushrooms from outside of Britain and Ireland, they could be in transit for a whopping 36 hours or more before they reach our supermarket shelves! Yet, when buying locally grown mushrooms, transit time is more than halved, to a maximum of just 12 hours, helping to retain their freshness.

“By checking the label and seeking out mushrooms from Britain and Ireland, we can enjoy nutrient-dense fresh mushrooms with a lower carbon footprint, all whilst supporting local farmers – it really is a win-win for all.”

Mushrooms are booming with benefits and contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to ensure it functions at its best and with just one simple hack, we can enjoy even more added benefits and an extra vit-hit.

Lily explains how we can achieve a vitamin D boost, just by placing our mushrooms in the sunlight.

“Vitamin D is a vital component to support our immune system and has a wealth of other benefits that help us care for our overall health too. From keeping our bones healthy, as it works to regulate our intake of calcium, magnesium and phosphorous, to improved resistance against certain diseases.

“Having similar skin to that of humans, mushrooms naturally contain provitamin D and once in contact with the sun, they absorb vitamin D almost instantly, boosting their vitamin D content naturally.

“Whilst enriched mushrooms will naturally come with a greater vitamin D content, you can easily add a natural dose of vitamin D to the regular British or Irish mushrooms by simply placing them on a windowsill when the sun is at its strongest between 10am and 3pm for around 15-120 minutes.”

Why not try give yourself a nutrient boost the next time you buy a pack of mushrooms and remember always seek out locally sourced British and Irish mushrooms as fresh is best.


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