Mushroom Miles Report

As we enter a new decade of sustainability and responsible consumerism, this report focuses on one food – mushrooms – exploring what makes it a hero food, and why locally-grown UK and Irish mushrooms are miles better. Better quality. Better nutritionally. Better environmentally.

With recent figures suggesting that 81%1 of UK consumers make day to day decisions based on how sustainable something is, it’s becoming clear that eco-friendly practices are moving from a ‘nice-to-have’ to something much more essential.

This report explores the changing mindsets when it comes to shopping more responsibly, including the trend towards adopting flexitarian diets. It also explains why mushrooms are a unique nutrient-rich, versatile and affordable shopping basket staple and almost unrivaled when it comes to sustainability.

At the moment, the UK is responsible for producing just 75% of the mushrooms we consume2, but because of their ability to grow in a British and Irish climate all year round, this figure could be 100%. The Mushroom Miles report reveals why this number isn’t higher, introducing a new way to categorize food miles.

It also highlights the opportunity for growth in the market and discusses what more can be done to deliver better more sustainable mushrooms.